Monday, May 25, 2009

young hunting

The first issue of XOZ was art directed and designed by Melbourne Art Director turned Jeweller, Candice Agius.
Candice is busy working on a new men and women's jewellery label, Young Hunting.
Each collection is an exploration transcending realms influenced by The Child Ballads, mystic aesthetics, metaphysical growth, family trees and Tina Chow. Each jewellery piece is limited and formed by hand in Australia from high quality, old and new materials. Young Hunting is for the rare, the intellectual and the unsharing.
All we know is that her first range titled Juju, we be based on ideas revolving around luck, fortune and personal journey.
Keep your eyes peeled on for the launch.

hello my friends!

thankyou to every one for your support!

we have a venue for our zine launch and are trying to confirm bands so we can get a flyer happening! its for this saturday at six oclock at El Joyero, its ten dollars on the door and we dont have many bands confirmed yet so keep your eyes open for details.

Also the next issue of XOZ will be themed children of the night. If you would like to contribute, send us an email,

we are working hard and not losing enthusiasm!

also look at our first issue!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


it's disappointing as fuck,
but what can you do?

oh deago have cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances so we are left without a venue.

we are trying really hard to get a new venue but i think the best we can hope for is to postpone it.

consider it cancelled untill further notice.

many apologise,
anna and emma

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The bank holidays

A band from the windy city of perth.
The bank holidays play sweet tunes and sweet harmonies!
They are just the greatest, they make you want to lie in long grass drink lemonade. Alas they are no longer playing shows, but they have a few releases out that I'm sure you could order in at your local record store. According to their myspace, "On hearing The Bank Holidays, you might think of The Shins, Belle & Sebastian, The Beach Boys, or even The Go-Betweens. You might also think about the melodies in The Bank Holidays' songs weeks after hearing them", and it's true those tunes are so darn catchy!


come along bring your friends relax and listen to some killer bands!
it's going to be amazing!

we want to get to the stage were we are throwing a party every fortnight, but we can't without support!

we love youse

this weekend, all ages goodness


heck yes.

if you are in brisbane, check it ouuuut!