Monday, June 15, 2009

rah rah rah

this blog hasn't been updated in a while, we have been pretty slack!
the launch went well
we got about eighty people which was lovely.
the bands were a bit of a mismatch though, the end lineup was:

ships piano,
10,000 killed in chile,
love connection,
slow human escape,
the butchery,

it was not as organised as we would've liked but it was still pretty great.
we held it at el joyero which is soon to be a coffee shop when they can afford a coffee machine, here is their myspace, they have some interesting shows, and they are all all ages.!

we have started organising the next party which we haven't got a venue for as of yet, but we will soon! we want to have some art as well this time,
the theme of the party and the next zine is children of the night.

if you would like to contribute please get in contact

tell us about all ages shows or just great things happening in your city for our next zine, like festivals or shows or shops or cafes or whatever. or if you have a killer recipe or a painting or a photograph or a few photographs or some reviews or bands or songs or albums or interviews! send them to us!

thats about all


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